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How do you love someone?

Jul 15, 2020 | 2 min read

You're trying your best to show your love to someone in your life, but they still don't really feel loved. Frustrating, isn't it? 

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Did you know that different people have different ways of feeling loved and showing love? As Dr. Gary Chapman talks about in his book, The Five Love Languagesyou and your loved one might just have different love languages.

Summary of the 5 Love Languages: 

1. Acts of services: something to help ease the other person's responsibilities/burdens. E.g. walking the dog, doing the dishes, etc 

2. Words of affection: saying things that confirms their love & affection. E.g. "I love you", "Thank you", "I appreciate you", etc

3. Quality time: time spent together with no distractions. E.g. talking over dinner, taking walks together, etc

4. Physical Touch: intentional physical contact. E.g. hand holding, hugs, cuddling

5. Gift Giving: receiving or giving gifts that shows effort & thought. E.g. the necklace that they've been eyeing for a while

Most people need all 5 in their relationships. But one (or two) might be more effective in making you feel loved. If you aren't sure what your's is, take this super quick one-question quiz to get a better idea!

Love Languages Quick Quiz Chart

Once you and your partner figure out what your love languages, make sure you try to meet each other's needs! Just knowing what your partner needs is not useful unless you act on it. 

And don't neglect the other languages either. Just because your partner might feel most loved by a hugged, it doesn't mean you don't buy them gifts anymore. Focus on their main love language, but regularly meet them at different points too! 

Hope you understand your partner a bit better now. If you need some gift ideas, check out Jullimi's collection of personalized jewelry! 

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