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The Secret to Giving the Perfect Gift

Jul 16, 2020 | 1 min read


Never know what to get for someone for their birthday or Christmas?


One of the best ways to someone's heart is giving personalized gifts. So we recommend gifting something customized to the person you are getting the gift for!


Here are a few tips on personalization: 

1. Write your own messages.

Nobody really like to receive generic messages. They tend to be a bit boring and hard to relate. Instead of relying on greeting card companies, write your greeting in your own personal style. You could also include an experience or memory that you both share. 

2. Include photos of the two of you.

Photos hold a lot of sentimental values. If you have any photos where you are together, print them out and stick them on the card or make it a part of the gift itself (e.g. photo album, photo frame, or photo jewelry). 

3. Feature their name on the gift.

People love receiving personalized gifts. There are lots of stores nowadays where you can engrave or print your own custom words on a variety of items. For example, at Jullimi, you can engrave your own custom words on a variety of necklaces. You can choose out the best design and include their name as the custom words to engrave. 

Here is one of our best sellers. Click on the GIF below to learn how to customize one yourself. 

Name Necklace


The most important thing is to successfully express your thought & effort through the gift. Think about the being in the receiver's shoes and start your shopping adventure from there!