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About Us

About Jullimi

Hello and welcome!

I'm Iris and I am the founder of Jullimi (pronounced like "jewel le me"). Jullimi was birthed from my passion for personal & meaningful jewelry.

When I was younger, I'd often go to the mall and pick up some pretty & cheap jewelry. But as my jewelry collection grew, I still felt like I haven't found the right piece of jewelry that really felt like me. So my search began. I wanted to find something that could truly express me, and was still high-quality & affordable. But I had a hard time finding something that fit the bill.

I ended up going on a journey to make my own jewelry. I really loved how my name necklace turned out, and realized that this is something that other people would love as well. With this in mind, I launched Jullimi to offer my line of custom jewelry online. My goal is to offer people beautiful customizable jewelry to help them express themselves and to create options for people to create the best gift for their loved ones.

I am glad that you are here today! I hope you find your new piece of jewelry that can make your heart sing 🤍

Our Mission

Since Jullimi's beginning, it has been our purpose to help people celebrate precious moments with meaningful personalized jewelry. We strive to provide the best customer service along with the best prices on the market. 

We love creating beautiful custom jewelry pieces for new moms, grandmas, hero husbands, BFFs, daughters and everyone else! It brings us so much joy when we see our customers receive their orders. Don't forget to tag us on Instagram so we can see you with your new bling!


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