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How to Succeed as an Affiliate Partner

(4 min read)

Congratulations on becoming an Affiliate Partner! We're so glad you're part of our team now. We want to help you with your business journey, so here are some tips!

Your First Sale

This may all seem unfamiliar at first, but don't worry we are here to support you. Here are some guidelines on making your first campaign a success!

1. Set up your account

- Login to your affiliate account here

- Create a custom link for the product you want to feature with the tool Link Generator. You can find the tool on your account homepage. For example, if you have the Beautiful Name Disc Necklace and want to feature it, then take the original link "" and input it into the Link Generator tool 

    --> Optional: make this custom link shorter with ( It is free and will make the custom link look a little nicer 

    - Write down your discount code that's linked to your account (if you don't have one, please contact us)

    2. Post your first IG story about your product 

    - Update the website link in your bio with the new link you just created. This is important. You want the customer purchase process to be as smooth as possible. The less clicks they need to make, the more likely they will buy. Try the link yourself to make sure it works. 

    - Record your IG story

    --> If you haven't opened your package yet, then this is a great process to document as a story. Be genuine in your reaction. And try to be as engaging as possible (e.g. ask your followers what they think, etc)

    --> If you can't make an unboxing story, then consider other ways to introduce the product to your followers that is applicable to them (e.g. new outfit idea, if you've always wanted a personalized necklace like me, etc). You need to address what's in it for them, so they'll consider buying something from you. 

    - At the end of the story, make sure to include a Call To Action. You can do this by telling them they can buy one too with your link in bio and they can use your discount code. You can also make it a swipe up link to make it even easier for your followers to go to the site through your link. 

      3. Review your results

        - Leave your custom link in your bio for the whole duration your story is live.

        - After a couple hours of posting your story, log back into Affiliatly account and check the progress. You should see exactly how many people have come to the site through your link. If anyone buys something within the next 30 days, the order will be assigned to you!

          Next Sales Campaign

          If you haven't made your first sale yet, don't fret. People might need some time to think about it. Just focus on your next steps. 

          1. Refresh people's minds 

          Some time during the week after your story ends, post a selfie with the product. Remember to post a caption that has a Call To Action to urge people to click the link in your bio. You should also end the caption with something to increase engagement like "comment ❤️ if you like my new look". 

          2. Community

          Don't forget to tell your friends and family about your product. Reach out to the ones that you think would be interested and let them know about your link and/or discount code. 


          3. Continue to monitor your process on Affiliatly


          Tier 2

          You've made your first sale! Yay! What this means is that your commission is now bumped up to 12% and you have a free Disc Necklace! You have three choices on what to do with the free necklace: 

          1. Order a fresh new necklace for yourself or a friend/family. You can repeat the above process for unboxing and post pictures of you/friend/mom with the new necklace to spark some new interest among your followers. 

          2. Use the credit of a new necklace and apply to a different product. 

          3. (Recommended) Do a giveaway for your followers. You can make a post that you are giving away a free necklace to one of your followers who commented on your post. You do not need to tag us or link us. We just want to help promote your business. If you choose this way, then let us know so we can help you out. 


          Tier 3

          You just made FIVE sales! Wow! This means that you will be earning 15% on every new sale that you make. Like in Tier 2, you have another free necklace. This time, you have a choice of whichever necklace you want. The three choices on what to do with the necklace are the same as in Tier 2. 

          At this point, you look like you know what you are doing. We recommend that you still post regularly (at least once every two weeks) with a product that you want to sell or to update your followers when we have promotions. 


          Here to Help 

          Ultimately, this guide is only a suggestion. You are your own boss, so you can spread the word however you'd like. But this process has shown success, so please consider following! 

          We are here to help you out with your business ventures. If you ever have any questions, just contact us at 

          If you need to review the details of the My Simple Custom Jewelry Affiliate Program, take a look at this page