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Inspirational Motivational Quotes

Top 5 Quotes for Lockdown

How are you doing? It's been awhile since lockdown has started. It's no surprise that some of us are struggling to finding motivation. Here are the top 5 quotes to inspire you on how to navigate this time. 

1. Nature.

If you can, take regular walks around nature. It will help reset our soul and help us feel at peace. 

Top Inspirational Quote 1

2. Dreams.

This is the best time to learn something you've always wanted. Learn something now that can help you equip you better to achieve your dreams. 

Top Inspirational Quote 2

3. Patience.

If you aren't doing too much during this lockdown, don't be too hard on yourself. Listen to your body and don't force yourself to do something you don't feel right about. 

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4. Gratitude.

Take some time to reflect on the positive things in life right now, no matter how small. It's easy to get swallowed up in the darkness of everything going on, but try to take the light you see and hold on to it tightly. 

Top Inspirational Quote 4

5.  Connect.

Community is crucial for everybody. Even if we can't see our friends and family in-person, there are other ways to keep in contact with your community, like video calling or dropping off some gifts at their porch. 

Top Inspirational Quote 5


  • 1. Spend time in nature
  • 2. Prepare for your dreams
  • 3. Be patient with yourself
  • 4. Count your blessings
  • 5. Connect with your community

Hopefully, this helps you! Find me on IG @mysimplecustomjewelry_ and let me know how you're doing. 

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